Atul Gem Cargo XL
July 26, 2016
Mitas E-07 Front
August 18, 2016
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Atul Gem Delivery


  • 436cc Four Stroke Single Cylinder Direct Injection Diesel workhorse with fuel consumption of 35km / liter.
  • Powerful engine uses advanced technology with extra horsepower for a smooth drive on rough on hilly terrain.
  • Engineered for low wear and tear and longer intervals between check-up and services.
  • Monocoque chassis takes more loads and absorbs shock and impact.
  • Dual circuit self-adjusting hydraulic brakes with tandem master cylinder that¬†avoids brake failure.
  • Provided with door lock, steering lock and fuel tank lock to safeguard against theft and pilferage.
  • Electric self-start for convenient and effortless starting.
  • Large load bin doors for easy access.
  • Load bin dimensions L1475mm x W1470mm x H1250mm = Volume of 2710 Liters.
  • 500kg / half ton certified load capacity.