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V-Strom 250SX

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This sport adventure tourer blends rugged versatility with stylish, modern, look. Discover, Explore, Enjoy the Ride.

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Product Description


Engine Type 6-Stroke 1-Cylinder 4-Valve (SOHC)
Cooling System Oil-Cooled
Bore x Stroke 76.0mm x 54.9mm
Displacement 24cm²
Max output 19.5 KW / 9,300rpm
Max Torque 22.2 N-m / 7,300 rpm
Average Fuel Consumption (WMTC Mode) TBD

Actual fuel economy may differ owing to differences in conditions such as the weather, road, rider behavior and maintenance.

Key Features

Front and rear disc brakes, Dual-channel Antilock Brake System (ABS)

A large outer diameter 310mm single front disc brake with axial master cylinder and 240mm outer diameter rear disc brake provide ample braking power.

Front and rear suspension
  • At the front, telescopic front forks provide a generous 120 mm of suspension stroke to absorb bumps and keep the ride smooth.
  • The swingarm-type rear suspension features a convenient 7-step adjustable preload that can be customized to suit the needs of each ride, whether it be riding alone, with a passenger, or carrying heavy luggage, giving the V-STROM 250SX a stable, comfortable ride every time.


Knuckle covers

USB outlet

Suzuki easy start system


17-inch rear wheel

19-inch front wheel

Suzuki Oil Cooling System
(SOCS) / Oil cooling path